TAILORED: Training for Independent Living through Observant Robots and Design

The goal of this project is to create human-centered robotics technology to provide personalized neurorehabilitation to support older adults with mild cognitive impairment. The PIs will investigate innovate approaches to this research area, and will make the following contributions to smart and connected health: 1) Pioneer novel methods for delivering and sustaining cognitive neurorehabilitation, currently one of the only known treatments to prolong independence and slow the onset of disability caused by MCI, 2) Create new approaches to support longitudinal, personalized robot learning in real-world environments, and 3) Contribute new methods to the fields of human-robot interaction (HRI), aging science, and behavioral science to support the co- creation of new technologies and new intervention delivery methods with older adults with cognitive impairments, their caregivers, and their providers.

Harnessing technology to provide cognitive support and rehabilitation for older adults could potentially assist millions of people to maintain or improve their functioning and quality of life, and maintain their ability to live independently. Ultimately, these improvements could alleviate significant human suffering and lower healthcare costs for millions of people.